Negress With a Nosering
Nyemiah Supreme - Lion
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Nyemiah Supreme - Lion

Oh, yo yo yo, these bottom ass bitches with these raggedy ass shoes I see you, bitch. With your Pell Grant refund, I see you coming out of NYU Spitting that refund check, getting fly rainbows and shit Tryna’ come out of Forever 21 stunting on me Don’t want to share none of your “whole foods” and shit I see you, motherfucker. Let me get some of that kombucha drink, bitch Let me get some…shit. I want some. I want some You stepped it up. You not in McDonalds, you in Chipotle—fuck outta here! Fuck outta here. So what, you know where the dumpling spot at. You still a hoodrat bitch And you tryna’ stunt on me. Yeah, you out the hood. And yeah yeah yeah, so what You out the hood now, I feel you. I feel you They got government grants and shit like that that get you outta here “Equal opportunity education” programs and shit that got you outta these streets Now you up in there, you a freshman at UNCC, UNY, whatever, somewhere, studying some shit about political science And you tryna’ do your shit on the side. And you downtown just closing. You all that. You having a good time But when I see you, bitch, just light me up You know it’s me! Light me up. When I ask you, just light me up You know me. Don’t front now. Don’t front now Oh, yeah, “I don’t smoke blunts no more. I don’t smoke no blunts no more. Bamboo now.” You got on some white boys, I feel you! And now you don’t wanna light me up when you see me come through We don’t drink Henney no more? Oh, nah, you drinking ?? white wine. Wahahahah. White wine, bitch, okay Next
things that have no chill



-automatic toilets

-people who clap when the plane lands


Don’t trust brown/black boys who like white girls. And no I don’t mean I’m against interracial relationships. I mean the type who put white girls up on pedestals, who treat them like a challenge, who glorify their beauty, their colored eyes, their light hair, all that while simultaneously dehumanizing and objectifying them. The ones who target white girls, who use them as status symbols. Don’t trust these boys. They’ve been poisoned.


Just a reminder


Just a reminder

White people whitewashed Jesus and Mary and many religious figures, but tell them that the devil is white and all of a sudden it's a problem






well sir there you have it. class dismissed. 

Facts on facts on facts

Well then!


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